How to keep your House Plants Healthy during Summer

In the growing summer, the trees start drying up due to strong sunlight. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of the plants properly. To keep indoor plants green, keep these things in mind. Not only people are troubled by the heat of summer, trees and plants also dry up in strong sunlight. In such a situation, the plants in the balcony of the house are unable to tolerate the strong sunlight and start drying up.

By planting indoor plants, the dirt in the house is very less and there is also relief from pollution. However, it is also very important to take proper care of these plants. Due to lack of water in hot summer, the plants dry out rapidly. In such a situation, if the plants kept in the house are drying up, then take care of these things. This will keep your indoor plants absolutely green.

Water correctly: for plants essential, to hydrate plants deeply. While over watering is the most effective way ,to kill house plants because the summer heat causes water evaporate very faster. If you water very less amount the topsoil get wet bottom  roots dehydrated .the water is absorbed slowly.

Promote high humidity: Plants that need high humidity like tropical plants need to be frequently misted through periods of heat.

Prevent leaf scorch: House windows can act as a magnifying glass ,burning and drying out plant’s leaves. Keep your plants a foot away from the window.

Excessive heat can be a source of stress for plants, particularly the home garden varieties, and cause plants to dry up. Here are some simple way that given below boost your plant in summer.

1. A shade cover on your plant: A shade cloth for plant easily available. The may be varies according to the plant of garden. Its cover the partially .

2. Watering in plants at the right hour: During the summer best time of watering is morning and evening. Water is cool in this time.

3. Shower in plants small doses: the water sprinkling during the summer Is the best way of watering. This type watering  the water goes to the root level very easily and evaporate very less.

4. Mulch for healthy plants: The other summer must-have is mulch, used to describe material spread on soil surface to keep it cool, prevent weeds and aid hydration. Mulch includes tree bark, compost, newspaper, bits of grass, shredded leaves and sawdust. 

5. Feed Well: When was the last time you fed your indoor plants? If the answer isn’t recent, it’s probably time to bring out the fertilizer and mix it well with the soil. Due to longer days in summer, plants are exposed to more sunlight, that’s why they require additional nutrients to stay healthy and create new growth. Once a month, water-soluble fertilizer is enough for its health. 

6. learn to admit the signs of stress: you will be able to read the sign of stress in a plant and it is essential to arresting the damage before it takes over the  whole plant. Some signs of stress to related too much and less watering.

Summer plant care to survive a heat wave

Do not fertilize during heat wave: Fertilizer is friend of plants, especially during summer ,a stressed plant never fertilize when its recover. When your plants during summer survival modes it is not looking for extra nutrients. And is not make prepare of them. introducing the  fertilizer into the soil will risk further stressing your plant

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