40,000 salary, 11 lakh service fund, such is the Agni Path scheme

To connect the youth with the army and modernize the armed forces, the central government has come up with the Agni Path scheme.

The Union Defence Minister announced the Agni Path scheme. Under which youth will be recruited on commission in the armed forces for a period of 4 years

Is dauran pahle saal 30000 se lekar chautha saal 40000 tak ka vetan agniveero ko diya jayega . iske alava jokhim, rasan , vardi, aur upyukh yatra bhatta bhi diya jayega.

After 4 years, the benefit of joint fund of 10.4 lakh and accrued interest will also be available free from income tax.

After completing the tenure of 4 years, the candidate will be able to do other normal jobs

After 4 years, candidates will also be able to volunteer for the regular cadates.