Benefits of Eating Cranberries


If you are troubled by the problem of weak bones, then include Cranberry in the diet. Good amount of calcium is found in gooseberry. Bones can be made strong by the consumption of Cranberry.


Cranberry  is a fruit that can be eaten both as a vegetable and as a fruit. Proanthocyanidin is high in cranberry . This can help stop cancer cells from growing.


Cranberry  contains Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Vitamins are considered good for hair.

Reduce weight

The amount of fiber in cranberry is high. Consuming it makes the stomach feel full for a long time.


Cranberry juice is considered very good for the heart. To remove heart diseases, gooseberry can be consumed.

Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins that help inhibit bacteria that cause plaque, cavities and gum disease in the mouth.