Caught your disease with the color of urine

Some signs can be known about some changes happening inside the body.

It can also be detected with urine that what is going on inside the body.

transparent color If the urine appears in a transparent color, it means that you are consuming too much water.

Staying hydrated is good, but drinking too much water can lead to a lack of electrolytes in the body.

light yellow to dark yellow  Urochrome pigments change the color of urine from light yellow to dark yellow.

Urine appears neon colored due to the high amount of vitamin D.

Red and Pink urine The red and pink color of urine depends on what you have eaten.

Such color of urine can also be the cause of many diseases such as enlarged prostate, kidney stone, bladder or kidney tumor.

Orange Colored Urine Orange colored urine indicates hydration in the body. Urine appears orange in color even when there is jaundice