Coconut shells can be used to make pots, bird feeders, candles and much more


Coconut shells can be used everywhere, from your garden to special event decorations!

Coconut Shell Planters

If you want, you can make a hanging planter from it or you can keep it on a table or window
First of all, after cleaning the shell thoroughly, paint the outside
If you want to make a hanging planter, then take three pieces of rope and tie a knot in all three from one end
Now put the shell between these three ropes and hang it in such a way that it does not fall
Now you can plant any flower plant in it.

Coconut Shell Bowl

You can also use coconut shell as a bowl for holding candy, chocolates etc
For this you have to decorate it from both the outside and inside
First of all clean the coconut shell thoroughly
Now paint both the outside and the inside with the color of your choice
You can also stick stones, mirrors etc. to decorate the outside
On the inside, you can make beautiful artwork on it with the colors itself.In this way your beautiful and attractive bowls are ready.


Coconut Shell Candle

You can also use coconut shells for candles
For this you cut the shell into two parts.Clean one area and paint the outside
.Cut off the other small part from the other side as well and make it so that it acts as a stand
Now heat water in a vessel and melt the clear wax by placing a bowl in it
.Pour this melted wax into the first part of the shell you placed and thread it in the middle
Let the wax settle and in no time your #DIY candle is ready.

Bird Feeder

You can also make a bird feeder for your garden with coconut shells
For this you need two coconut shells. Clean them well
Poke three holes each with a sharp object
Now tie these two shells together with the help of ropes
Poke another hole in the middle of the top shell
.Put a rope in this hole and tie a knot and now hang it in your garden
.Keep filling the bottom shell with grain from time to time.Your #DIY bird feeder is ready.