Nushrat Bharucha’s diet plan, thus keeping herself fit

Bollywood actress Nusrat Bharucha started her film career with the film ‘Pyaar Ka Panchanama’. After this, in many films Nusrat has attracted the attention of people with his acting

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Nusrat is also very careful about his fitness. She does a lot of workouts and diet

At the beginning of her day, actress Nusrat Bharucha drank in hot water by adding apple side vinegar. If it is not there, then she drinks hot water and lemon or hot water by adding collagen

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Nusrat Bharucha’s diet is largely a balance diet, which is capable of giving the body the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates

Waking up in the morning mixed with apple side vinegar water and drinking it provides a lot of help to drop your insulin level

For breakfast, Nusrat drinks smoothies made with fruits, oats and almond milk or prefers to eat homemade upanas or idlis. Nusrat loves his mother’s handmade upma.

At lunch, Nusrat eats a multigrain roti made of flour or ragi and millet bread. In the mine, she eats a vegetable made of mother’s hand, a bowl of lentils and cucumber, carrots, tomato salad

Nusrat has left Nonvez recently. Now she only takes vegetarian food. At dinner she eats tofu or paneer salad. In which she prepares it with mushrooms, bok choy and broccoli. Apart from this, Green Capsicum, Yellow Capsicum and Green Vegetable make salad. Bread, lentils or rice are not eaten during the night