Perfect Monsoon Snacks

Monsoon Special Spicy and Crispy Snacks

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Crispy corn

It is rainy season and there is no talk of corn, this cannot happen. By the way, you can eat hot corn in this season by applying lemon and spices.


If you want to eat something outside, then you can try momos. By eating hot momos with spicy chutney, your craving will be completely calmed and your mind will be satisfied.

Moong Dal Mangode

You can also eat moong dal mangoes to enjoy the rainy season. You can easily make them at home and eat hot with Mangode tea and green coriander chutney.

Urad Dal Shortbread

If you want to enjoy this season by staying at home, then you can eat these shortbread made with urad dal stuffing. Apart from this, you can also make onion and potato kachoris.