These Places of Kanchenjunga Are No Less Than Heaven

It is called the highest peak in the world, the greenery and beautiful litigants here are fascinated.

Kangchenjunga Mountain

This mountains present in the Green Lake area near Kangchenjunga  are considered one of the most beautiful mountains in the world.

Mount Siniolchu

This mountain can be seen by the beautiful litigants of Sikkim

Mount Pandim

kanchenjunga National Park

Located in the center of the Himalayas, this park was declared by UNESCO in the year 2016, about 18 glaciers are found here.

Kanchenjunga Falls

This place is amazing, from here the streams of water falling from the granite mountains can be enjoyed.

Mount Pauhunri

The beautiful views of this mountain with snowy peaks, that is less to be praised, definitely take a selfie with the family here.