These tips will remove tanning of hands and feet

Sun tanning can be removed from hands and feet by using some home remedies and natural things.

Yogurt acts as a moisturizer and lemon juice with gram flour can act as a radiance to the skin.

Yogurt lemon juice & gram flour

Lemon helps reduce melanin and sugar helps exfoliate your skin

Lemon & Sugar

Mix half a teaspoon of honey in papaya pulp, apply it on the hands and feet and wash after 20 minutes.

Papaya & Honey

Oranges brighten the skin. Sandalwood soothes sunburns and moisturizes milk cream.

Oranges  sandalwood and milk cream


Potatoes act as bleaching agents of the skin while lemon removes blemishes from the body.

Potatoes and Lemon

This article is for general information only, for more information consult an expert.