Talented and Beautiful-Looking Model Mahogany Geter

One of these is the 24-year-old rising model Mahogany Geter.

The only lesson we get from the words of Mahogany Geter is to face whatever situations come in life with a smile.

Talented and beautiful-looking model Mahogany Geter was not as normal as other children since birth. He has a disease named ‘Lymphedema’ since birth.

Due to this disease, his left leg has become swollen and thick. In the pictures of the model, you can see how big the size of one leg is.

Actually, in this disease, access fluid accumulates in the soft tissues of the body. The most disturbing thing is that there is no cure for this disease.

Gator’s foot adds 45 kg to his body weight

Proudly  Showing her enlarged feet due to illness. there is no cure for the disease