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How To Make Home Made Gifts For Friends

On account of special occasions or if we want to brighten up some special days we want to present some homemade gifts or special gifts to our friends, loved and dear ones. So, let’s know and learn more about How To Make Home-Made Gifts For Friends

To maintain the uniqueness of our gifts we should arrange homemade gifts because home made gifts for friends are more creative and special gifts in comparison to that gift item that you purchase from the market.

How To Make Home Made Gifts For Friends (DIY) ♥

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Here we’ve collected more than thirty DIY gift ideas that will inspire you to start creating your own. Keep in mind that the home made gifts for friends are very personalised and touchy handmade craft and it gives a big smile on the face of your friends or loved ones.

These gifting ideas are easy to make, require no special skills, and turn up beautifully. There’s something for everyone, including body care gifts, homemade candles, and other gifts for the home like Decorative Mirrors vanilla extract and chai tea mix, and much more handmade things. So let’s read further and create a gift on your own or you can get it from the Indian gift portal.

Decorative Mirror

DIY Mirror

Add some fusion to an ordinary mirror by using wooden sticks/pokes and add some small beads around the sticks and give a classy look to a simple mirror.

jute rope mirror
Jute Rope Mirror
Decorated Wall Mirror
Decorated Wall Mirror (Making)
Decorated Wall Mirror
Decorated Wall Mirror (Completed)

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By using jute rope you can decorate your wall mirror and it will give a more elegant look, you can also use washi tape. Choose a few colors then layer the tape in a consistent pattern around the mirror.

Birthday Gifts For Friends

Homemade Candles

making of candles
Making Of Candle
homemade candles
Homemade Candles 1
homemade candles
Homemade Candles 3
homemade candles
Homemade Candles 2

Make the different style of candles at home very easily and you can also add a sweet aroma and slice of fruits in your homemade candles

like lavender, vanilla, rose or a slice of orange and lemon, all can be added to the melted wax and it will give a unique look to your homemade candles.



You can make beautiful and creative coasters at home with the help of useless CD, Coil Papers and decorate your coasters with washi tape as a gift, which can act as a great coaster for your coffee and teacups.

DIY Coasters
DIY Coasters 1
DIY Coasters
DIY Coasters 2
DIY Coasters
DIY Coasters 3


Copper Mug

By adding a special personalize touch or by writing something special or by adding some special beautiful plants can give a tremendous look to these cool looking Copper Mugs.

It can be a great gift for copper loving people mostly in Moscow people love these copper mugs if speaking truly everyone loves it.

Copper Mug
Copper Mug 1
Copper Mug
Copper Mug 2
Copper Mug
Copper Mug 3

DIY Earrings

Adding Pom-Pom in your earrings makes it more creative and fun-loving, you can gift these Pom Pom Earrings to your friends so she can flaunt her style.

pom pom earrings
Pom Pom Earrings 1
Pom Pom Earrings
Pom Pom Earrings 2
Pom Pom Earrings
Pom Pom Earrings 3


DIY Bookmarks

DIY bookmarks
DIY Bookmarks 1
DIY bookmarks
DIY Bookmarks 2
DIY bookmarks
DIY Bookmarks 3
DIY bookmarks
DIY Bookmarks 4

These homemade bookmarks are the best gifts for the person who is reading lover, you can make bookmarks by using tassel, ice-cream sticks, colourful papers and pom-pom it all gives a creative look to your bookmarks.

DIY Bracelets

Construct a bracelet that’s easy, cute and customizable. Find beads, old coins, threads, and tassel to incorporate it into a piece of jewelry for a personal touch.

coin charm bracelet
Coin Charm Bracelet 1
diy bracelet
DIY Bracelet 2
diy bracelets with beads
DIY Bracelets With Beads 3
diy bracelets for boys
DIY Bracelets 4


Personalised Notebook

Personalised Notebook
Personalised Notebook 1
DIY Notebook
DIY Notebook 2
Handmade Notebook
Handmade Notebook 3
Personalised Notebook
Personalised Notebook 4

These personalised notebook can be a great gift to your friend who loves to write journals and sweet memories, they always keep these gifted notebooks close to their heart.

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You can make these personalised notebooks more special by adding words and phrases on the cover of these personalised notebooks.

Valentine Homemade Gifts

DIY Valentine Gifts are the perfect way to express your feeling and love on Valentine’s Day.

DIY Gifts are full of feeling and near to our hearts, here you will get some impressive hand made things or gifts for your friends, boyfriend, return gift ideas for adults or cute gifts.

DIY Rope Basket

  • Better to use a metal bucket to model your basket for shape and size. One may begin with the wrapping of cord (tape it on the end of the cord) and smearing hot glue in between every inch of cording.valentine's day gifts
  • Wrap and adhesive coat. Wrap and glue.
  • Place the flat bottom portion of glued cording on the bottom of the bucket. At this point, start gluing the cording together on the top of the cord to build the basket shape.
  • Continue packaging and sticking.
  • Once you have glued enough cording to the desired basket size, remove the corded basket from the bucket.
  • To end the basket, use clear tape to cloak around the end of the string. Glue gun to the carrier. 
  • After Making DIY basket  Fill Up A Basket with Cute Gifts and Decorate Basket as per your interest.

 Details For Basket Making Gift Ideas And Valentine Special Gifts Click Here

Try These Above Simple Ideas And Turn Your Small Gifts To Your Friends And Loveable Into A Cherish-Able & Memorable Gift.

We hope you loved reading about the above-given ideas and guides on Home Made Gifts For Friends. Do let us know if you want to read More On Home Made Gifts And Other Do It Yourself (DIY) Ideas by writing us back, also help us with any valuable suggestions or advice or if you have an idea on how to make beautiful gifts on your own you can share it with us in the comment section which is given below.

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