DIY Pots For Plants Best Ideas For Decorating Your Flower Pots At Home
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DIY Pots For Plants *Awesome & Unique Ideas*

Adding plants in your home decorative item is the best way to surround yourself with Mother Nature. To make these plants more attractive we need unique planter’s ideas and it’s not true that to make things unique and creative we have to have expensive things.

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DIY Planters

Here we bring DIY planter ideas which you can easily make in your home with the help of some paints and scrap things that are not in use in your house.

 So it’s time to uncover the amazing DIY tutorial which teaches you how can you make creative and unique pots for your plants.

DIY Wooden Planters 

wooden planters
wooden pots for plant

These are the least effort taking plant pots. All you need to do is to gather some old wooden planks, arrange them like a rectangular cage, and then simply place it like a box. Put some mud and seeds.

wooden planter box

The placement should be airy and lit. Also, you can be careful before putting this wooden planter, the inside layer should be made waterproof since the wood is more prone to get destructed if not settled and protected.

How To Make Plant Pots From Plastic Bottles 

Plastic Bottle Planters
  • Simply cut the big plastic bottles or cans into two halves.
  • Let us just utilize the base part, the broader platform is just too apt for the younger seedlings to settle and nurture themselves.
Plastic Bottle pots for plant

Creative Ideas For Plant Containers

Use rubber bands and painters’ tape to create perfectly straight lines and stick to a minimal color palette for a coordinating look that would look great anywhere in your home.

DIY Planters
Creative Plant containers

Use rubber bands and painters’ tape to create perfectly straight lines and stick to a minimal color palette for a coordinating look that would look great anywhere in your home.

Hand Painted Flower Pots Patterns

These are the most decent and trendy ones can see around. All you need to do is take some usable or reused pots and put some rough dots for the pointers.

Now simply take fabric or plastic colour and brush it all over with the designs you thought.

Now simply take fabric or plastic color and brush it all over with the designs you thought.

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It is not necessary to have perfect circles and boundaries around but to have a beautiful random abstract coming out.

It is not necessary to have perfect circles and boundaries around but to have a beautiful random abstract coming out.

It is important that it should complement the grace of both the plant and the surroundings.

You may get a lot of finger paint as well in case you intend to make it done with fingerprinting style. Harmless to your skin and amazing for the things. So, in case you have that creative vibe in you, just get going.

Decorating Flower Pots With Stones

Pots Decorate with stone

Convert your wooden flower box pot by staining totaling glass tiles to the external to give the planter a renewed new look.

Crafts With Clay Flower Pots

What basically could be done is that one might paint it to one’s own interest.

Creative planters

Add a blow of colour to your space with a bright neon pot that you can make in minutes by canvassing the lower half of a terracotta pot.

Craft Ideas With Plastic Plant Pots 

Flower pots are the perfect factual for crafts of all kinds. Crafters can make a discovery as the blank flower pots are available in a variety of sizes and are made available for very little money.

Plastic Plant pot

These handy canvases encourage crafters to paint, decoupage, gum stamp, and overall, be creative.

 Add something special to your home or garden with these hand-tinted flower pots designs.

Learn how to paint flower pots to create something special for your home-sweet-home.

Recycled Plastic Bottle Planters 

Recycle plastic bottle pot

 You may always have a lot of recycling done when it comes to plants and DIY.

You may check better plastic bottles cut them from the neck area and they are simply ready to use.

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DIY Indoor Planter Box 

Making a planter from a wooden crate is both simple and very good-looking and of course unique. Due to their considerable size, these planters can achieve a lot more than a simple plant.

Planters Ideas for Indoor

One can use them to renovate your patio in a salad garden or to plant some fresh herbs or spices for your cooking.

Painting Clay Pots Ideas

What says plants better than a brightly painted clay pot decorated… well with flowers! Use any colours you want and let the kids get creative.

This is how every pot can be unique and yet still make an attractive set to put outdoors.

Paint different flower pots or make a corresponding garden. Either way, it’s a fun scheme for anybody in the family.

How To Make Your Own DIY Jute Planters Cheap And Beautiful

Indoor Planter cum Baskets are natural products and its beautifully handwoven from braided natural jute which adds a boho look to your home decor. You can use these planters or baskets as a container for small size indoor pots, balconies, office desk plants. These planters are mostly round in shape with a different handwoven pattern. Jute Indoor planters can also be used as a kitchen jar external container to make the kitchen more lively and natural. You can keep it by folding it while not in use.

These days jute planters are the second name of gardening it is the most demanding accessory for indoor plants. As we all know that jute is a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly material that does not pollute our environment in any possible way. It takes up to only 1 to 2 years to degrade completely, As jute material is being used widely nowadays. Many people have realized the importance of eco-friendly products during this pandemic, and that’s how Jute Planters become the first choice of buyers.

Steps To Make DIY Planters At Home

Materials you Required:

Jute Yarn or Fabric

Hote Glue Gun

Acrylic paint



Cut your Fabric: Wrap your jute fabric around the planter and cut it to the right size.

Leave a 1-2 Inch Fold: Leave some room at the top and bottom, for a seamless look.

Use The Hot Glue: Glue a straight line and secure the first end of the fabric.

Hot Glue The Upper Rim: Glue the upper rim and roll it straight onto the fabric.

Wrap Around The pot: Secure the end of the fabric at your starting point.

Wrap The Jute Tight: If your pot is smaller at the bottom, you need to pull and glue it down.

Glue Around The Rim: Now wrap your fabric around the rim and secure it with hot glue.

Make the Bottom Even: Glue down the bottom fabric and try to secure it evenly, so it won’t waggle.

Take Your Jute Earn:  Wrap the jute yarn around your pot and make a pretty bow. You can also secure it with some glue.

Paint The Bottom: Take your acrylic paint and paint the bottom. Let it dry thoroughly and you have a beautiful flower pot. Now your DIY planter or basket is ready to use.

We hope you enjoyed reading these DIY Creative Planter Ideas.

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