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How To Choose Fabric For Curtains

Every one of us takes a lot of care and deliberation when they choose on the curtain fabric – it is a costly buy, whether you are creating it yourself or receiving it made; a choice that needs to be taken with thought and planning.

Below given is the list of fabric types for curtains to select from:

Curtain Designs|Best Fabric For Curtains

curtains for home

Polyester Curtains

Polyester is a general fabric for curtains, as it is hard-wearing, robust, and affordable. Polyester hangings are easy to care for and resist creasing, shrinking, and extending.

window curtain

polyester curtain








Because polyester curtains are so low upkeep, they’re perfect for curtain first-timers, you can easily buy curtains online if you’re setting up your first home, a polyester is a great option for the door as well as a window curtain.

Cotton Curtains

Cotton Curtain for windowdoor curtain


Curtains made of cotton or a cotton mixture are adaptable options, as they suggest a crisp, clean feel that suits traditional or modern beautifying styles. White cotton curtain fabric texture curtains drape well, creating them a natural fit for formal dining rooms. It would be Best fabric for curtains in case you are looking for not too heavy and not too clear kind of curtains.


Lace Curtains

curtains for living roomdrapery over beds curtain


Lace fabric can be utilized as the inner layer of the curtain; the open texture of this fabric is appropriate for the purpose. It can be costly though. They are also used behind glass doors, kids’ bedrooms, inside wardrobes or as romantic.


Velvet Curtains

curtain designs

curtain for living room


Velvet is a heavy fabric that keeps out the cold, making these window actions ideal insulators for homes with drafty windows. It gives a luxurious look to your room.

Thanks to their width-the heavy thickness, velvet curtains provide extra confidentiality and help to block sounds and light. It is very heavy so make sure the curtain poles and rods should be strong and able to hold the weight.



Curtain Colors For Living Room

The windows in the living room fundamentally play an important role in the case of the place with natural sunlight and brighten up the place, and the living room drapes play the nifty role of providing the living room with privacy and beautifying the place.

Curtain colour for living room

Living room curtains









One can be surprised how big of an influence have the living room hangings in adding a detailed decorative element and ambiance. The living room curtains are also really important of transporting and reflecting the natural light that comes through the window, therefore bright colored curtains are better in shifting the natural sunlight and shiny breezy and bright environment in the place.

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Best curtain fabric for living room depends on what curtain color matching you pick for your home

  • The ultramarine (blue) color in mishmash with the transparent fabric and plain scheme makes this curtain a super chic element and powerful beauty in providing the living room with a lively and fresh atmosphere.
  • The bright orange draperies are valuable for providing a large amount of natural sunlight and sparkly positive and blustery energy in the living room. Orange Living Room curtain will surely open up the place and bring a lively, ecstatic feel inside.
  • The bright and energetic yellow color of this stylish curtains open up the place and delivers it with a charming and gorgeous appearance.


Best Curtains For Bedroom

bed room curtainsbedroom curtains

Light and airy choices look attractive and can offer privacy, but are not real if you like to sleep in complete darkness, in this case, bedroom shutdown draperies might be a better choice. Heavier fabrics such as thick cotton, slubby linens, and rich velvets, especially if lined with blackout material, will retain the light at bay as well as breezes.


How To Choose Curtains Size

  • It can vary on a different basis. So basically, Curtains higher than the window will give a sense of height to the room. So decorators often put curtains about six inches above the window frame, but for an intense look, some go higher.
  • In case you would want to use the curtains to shut out the sun, those extra inches around the perimeter of your window border will also help block out any sneaking light.
  • Just remember sunlight will fade fabrics over time. If the room in question gets a lot of light, it’s smart to avoid bright colors, since they tend to fade faster.
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