Unsolved Mysteries Of India or mysterious places in india
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Know All About Unsolved Mysterious Places In India

There are several mysteries between us to solve some of these mysteries are recent, others are millennia old – still waiting for answers. Many great researchers and scientists tried to solve that puzzling stories but they found something unexpected and left them baffled over the years. Let’s take a look at some of these Unsolved Mysteries of India, which are truly inexplicable and puzzling

???? 7 Unsolved Mysteries Of India ????

Unsolved Mysteries Of India
Unsolved Mysteries

Mystery Of Indian Temples Is A Long Puzzle

There are so many Indian religious places that are known to be magical or cursed. Some of them can be enlisted and co-related with our heard stories like:

Nidhivan (Vrindavan)

The temple is considered among the most mysterious temples in India. Nidhivan is a forest with the holy temple-Rang Mahal situated in the temple city of India- Vrindavan. The temple is devoted to Lord Krishna. Apart from holding several mythological beliefs, the activities that take place in and around the temple are beyond enlightenment. Nidhivan is a not-so-dense forest with amazing green trees. The motivating thing is that the barks of the trees are hollow and the land is absolutely dry, but the tree remains loaded with green leaves throughout the year.

Mysterious Places Of India
Nidhivan Vrindavan

There can actually be no tree that stands straight and is bent towards the earth. Devotees believe that trees perform Rasleela at the night. Coming to Rang Mahal, there is a deity of Lord Krishna decorated delightfully.

The temple is shut after the evening prayer and numerous things such as saree, sweets, betel nuts are kept inside the temple. Each morning the priests see that sweets are partly eaten and the clothes have been used. No one is allowed on the premises of the temple after the sun sets down. It is imaginary that Radha-Krishna comes to the temple every night to rest. Anyone who has tried to see what happens in the night either dies, go blind or become foolish. The place remains private till date.

Lepakshi Temple Floating Pillar

Lepakshi Floating Pillar Temple Of India
Lepakshi Temple

Veerabhadra temple is located in the Lepakshi district of Andra Pradesh. At times, it is also recognised as Lepakshi temple. The temple is known for its architectural beauty. And, what attracts of most of the visitors is the hanging pillar of the temple. Although there are 70 pillars in the temple, but one pillar which lies hanging in the buildings of temple is the piece of wonder. To prove that, numerous people pass a piece of cloth through the bottom of the pillar. The mystery behind how this pillar stays intact without any support leftovers a million dollar question till date.

Nine Unknown Men

Since the time of Ashoka, out of ten thousand men out of which the function of the Nine Unknown Men was to reserve and develop the type of secret info that might turn out to be a lot dangerous in the hands of the unknowledgeable. Each of the Nine men was tasked with holding a detailed special book of knowledge.

nine unknown men mysterious place of india
9 Unknown-Men

Much like secret groups such as the Illuminati, there are many stories about their current and past members. The Unknown Men are apparently spread all over the world, with some of them supposedly holding very projecting positions. All of them are still unveiled.

The Ghost Village of Kuldhara

Long ago at the time of King rule. There had been a powerful Diwan who was known for collecting tax with very bad methods. The residents of this village Kuldhara were so frightened that a day all thousands of Paliwals (the dwellers) disappeared.

Ghost Village Of Kuldhara Mysterious Place To Visit In India
The Ghost Village of Kuldhara

It is till date a fact not known that where did these villagers go. And ever since then the village is said to be cursed enough that nobody could settle in Kuldhara ever again.

Spiti Valley

Sipti Valley an unsolved mystery of india
Spiti Valley

According to the myth in Spiti there had been a king, Gyapo Gyaser riding a flying horse, on successfully reaching Khoskar ranges, gave aninfluential blow winds with a whip and the mountains cleaved to give him the pass. Today the route created by this myth is called Rohtang Pass.

The myth mystery is every time a storm or breezes are felt in the nearby area ,it is the same rider travelling by.

Magnetic Hill in Ladakh

The world that we live in has so many strange theories, there are plenty of principles backing this strange wonder of nature. All of them offer a different logic and are backed by strong thinking, barring superstitions like ‘the magnetic road is a directly to heaven’. Here’s a look at what each of these beliefs and theories have to say.

magnetic hill of leh ladakh an unsolved mystery of India

Theory of the magnetic force– Next comes a practical theory, which is also the most widespread. It states that there is a tough magnetic force creating from the hill that pulls vehicles that are within its range.The delusion – Villagers residing in Ladakh believe that there once existed a road that led people to heaven. Those who exactly deserved were pulled to the path directly while those who didn’t deserve could never make it there.

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