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Trekking In Nepal How To Prepare And Where to Start

Nepal is the land of mountains and natural beauty. It is placed in the lap of the Himalayas region where Himalaya offers you various stunning trekking routes surrounded with natural beauty, these routes are different and each is best in its own way.

Trekking In Nepal: Lap Of Nature

Mount Evert Trekking

In Nepal, you can get an affordable trekking destination. Every year 200000+ people explore Nepal as a trekking destination. Here you can experience the footprint of legendary mountaineers. We have listed down the Best Trekking Places in Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek
Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is the most adventitious trekking point of Nepal and gives the closest view of the highest mountain in the world that is Mount Everest. Here you can explore the view of Sherpa Village its culture and lifestyle. Here you will pass through beautiful High Passes and roaring Dudhkoshi River, Namche Bazaar, several Buddhist Monasteries, and serene Imjatse Valley.

  • Height: 18,300 feet
  • Best Season: March to May, and October to November.
  • Days12-14 Days
  • Accommodation TypeTeahouse
  • Level Of Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging
  • Budget35 to 40K (for 13-14 days).

Rolwaling Trek

Rolwaling Trek
Rolwaling Trek

It is the most beautiful trekking point, do you know why it is called Rolwaling Trek, it is because it lies between Gaurishankar Himal and Rolwaling Himal. Rolwaling is the rarest trekking point in Nepal. Here you can explore the beautiful areas of Mount Everest. Here you can stay in Teahouse, Lodge or in Camps.

The beautiful thing here is that you can get a spectacular view of the Himalayan range. The most spectacular moment is the sunrise over Gauri Shankar when the sun gives its peak a golden crown while the rest of the mountain is silver-grey.

  • Height23,442 Feet
  • Best Season To Visit: March to June or September to November
  • Days: 19 Days After Living in Kathmandu
  • Accommodation TypeWooden Tent House, Supporting Blanket, Thin Straw Mat or Minimal Foam Mattress.
  • Level of Difficulty: Most Challenging
  • Budget:1–1.5Lac (For 20-25 days).

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek
Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

In Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek you will get the real adventures to experience in your trekking. Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world, the height of its peak is approximately 26,800 feet. Your Journey for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek begins from Beni. Here you will get two 5000-meter-plus passes and snowy conditions it is a challenging trekking point and is good for experienced trekkers only.

  • Height19,900 Feet
  • Best Season To VisitSpring (March to June)
  • Days: 21-25 Days
  • Accommodation TypeThe First & Last Nights In Beni And Pokhara, Where You Will Get Hotels & stay there In An Entirely Camping Trek. There Are No Lodges & Not Even Any Permanent Settlements Past Pakoban.
  • Level of DifficultyChallenging
  • Budget1.2-1.5 Lakh (For 15-20 Days)

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu-Circuit Trek
Manaslu-Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a cooler and less crowded trekking destination in comparison to any other trekking place in Nepal. It is actually a truly adventurous trekking place. Manaslu Circuit Trek has all those features which make this place an ideal place as a trekking destination. It’s increased in popularity since the teahouses were built here in 2010. Manaslu has spectacular suspension bridge crossings and a 5,100m (17,000ft.) Himalayan pass. Manaslu, is the World’s eighth highest mountain at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft). Here you will really enjoy your trekking and feel the peace of nature along with a great adventure.

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  • Height: 5,106 m / 16,752 ft (Larkya La Pass)
  • Best Season To VisitSpring (March to May)
  • Accommodation Type: Teahouse
  • Level Of DifficultyMedium
  • Budget70k- 1.2Lakhs (For 15 Days)

Island Peak Trek


The people who are blessed with mountain madness for these persons Island Peak Trek is one of the best trekking and peak climbing destinations of Nepal situated in the Khumbu/Everest region. Island peak trek is the most demanding trekking place in Nepal. The view of this place is the most appealing and beautiful. The experience of Trekking Island Peak is sure to create lasting memories in your mind. You would never like to forget the experience and adventure of this place.

  • Height: 6,189m/20,305ft
  • Best Season To Visit: April & October.
  • Accommodation Type: Hotels In Kathmandu, Teahouses During Trekking, And Tent (Camping) Ford Expedition.
  • Level of Difficulty: High (It Is A Very Strenuous Trek).
  • Budget53-55k (4-5 Days)

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